How to create a blog for free

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Here is a step by step guide on how to create a blog 
How to create a blog

I am going to teach you step by step guide on how you can create a blog in less than 30minutes. You don’t need to have any knowledge of HTML coding or any graphic design to be able to create a blog.

Before we start our tutorial on how to create a blog, let’s take a quick look at the two major blogging platforms which are; blogger (also known as blogspot) and WordPress (which is the most popular blogging platforms used by bloggers worldwide) 

How to create a blog

 As a newbie, you can start with blogger (blogspot) to create a blog because it is free and very easy to use, but I strongly recommend that you use WordPress. click on this link to view the reasons why I recommend WordPress over blogger.


 How to create a  blog for free
(a) visit on your browser 
(b) You need an account with Google i.e. Gmail account. If you have a gmail account, then input your email and password in the column provided. 
(c) if you don’t have a gmail account, click on the signup button to register for a free account.

How to create a blog

(d) Then confirm your profile on the confirm your profile page, then click on (create a limited blogger profile) 
(e) Enter the name you would like to be displayed on your blog.
(f) Check the “feature announcements” box
(g) Click on “continue on blogger”.
(h) Then enter the title of your new blog and the url address you like. 
(I) There are different templates you can choose from, then you click on “create blog” button. 

 Now your blog is created but you are not done yet. There are few settings that you need to set on your newly created blogspot blog that will make blogging easy for you. 
 Let’s begin Enter the “start blogging” link, then you will see the “overview” page of your blog. On the left side, there are menus such as; overview, posts, pages, comments, layout, and so on. 

Before we start creating your blogspot, let’s take a quick look at these menus. (Tips on how to create a blog)

How to create a blog

* Overview:
 This is the summary of the information about your blog. For example: number of page views, comments and so on. 

* Posts
This displays your “about”, “contact”, “hire me” An about page is a page that discusses about you and what your blog is about. Contact page displays how your visitors can reach you via email, phone number, social media and many more. hire me page is a page that discusses about the services you can render to your visitors. 

* Google+
displays your Google+profile. 

* Stats
Displays vital information about your blog such as your traffic sources, audience, posts and so on.
* Earnings
Displays your Google adsense earnings, (to have adsense earnings running on your blog, you must set-up Google adsense on your blog). 
You don’t need this for now until your blog is fully functional and is generating sufficient traffic. 

* Layout
This displays how your blog would look like in the front-end. You can modify it to suit your style. 

* Template
This displays your blog’s template. You can change your blog template as you wish. 

 Now it is time to publish your new post 
(1) Click the “New post” button (top left corner), you would be redirected to a page where you can write your post title and also write on the body of your post. 

(2) Enter the topic of your blog post in the ” post title” 
(3) write your post in the large space that you see. 
(4) You can use the buttons at the top of your blog post. These buttons include; bold, underline, italicized, colour, add images, add links, fonts, font size, and many more. 

How to create a blog

(5) In the right hand corner you will see “post settings”. 
Under this post settings we have: 
* Labels
This shows the categories for your blog post, categories like: business, webmaster, fashion, job and so on.  
* Schedule
You can enable it to “automatic” to publish the post instantly or you can set it to another date and time to publish your post.  
* Permalink
This shows the Url or the address for each posts. Choose”custom permalink” to change it to anything you prefer.  
* Location:
 You can state where you reside, but this is not necessary. 
* Options
You can choose if you want your readers to leave comments on the post. Once you are done with your posts you can publish it for viewers to view your blog or you can preview it before you hit the publish button or you can save it to be published later. 


 Now you have your blogger blog set-up with ease.
 How to create a blog for free....

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